Staff Editorial: Protest at state capitol highlights community values

Injustices must be addressed, eliminated


Art by Maggie Klaers. India's new controversial law concerning immigration has caused protests in cities across India and the United States, including St. Paul.

On Jan. 26, more than 200 people, many of Indian descent, arrived at the Minnesota Capitol to protest India’s new law regarding citizenship. The Citizen Amendment Act causes religion to be taken into account when immigrants apply for citizenship in India. 

Many protesters believe the law is discriminatory against India’s Muslim population, as those who are Muslim are ineligible for citizenship under this new act.

We applaud the protestors for voicing their opinions and choosing to act. It is a great example of how speaking up for what we believe in gives us the power to raise awareness on issues in our community. Although the Minnesota government can do little to influence the decision of the Indian government, the protests are beginning a conversation that will bring issues faced by Muslims in India to light.

The Echo Editorial Board believes it is important to be informed about current issues, as they affect our daily lives too. Many people have become unaware of the issues concerning other countries, especially with all of the political controversy plaguing the United States over the past few months. It is important now more than ever to keep a global perspective when discussing problems facing society, as global issues still affect us, albeit indirectly.

We believe these protests accurately reflect the community of St. Louis Park and its beliefs. By speaking up for what we believe in, we are able to build a welcoming community that values itself on addressing the needs of all of its members.

While the issues facing citizens in India do not directly affect residents of St. Louis Park, we can use these protests as a time for self-reflection, when we can address problems we face in our own city, state and country. 

The Echo Editorial Board asks Park students to voice their opinions and take action for what they believe in, whether that be confronting an issue found in St. Louis Park or informing others about an issue found worldwide. We urge students to raise awareness for injustices found around the world and stand up against injustices found in our own community.