Staff Editorial: Orioles’ Nest program feels safe

New student support appears successful after its first week


Ayelet Prottas

Junior Murphy Fries works to complete her schoolwork in the Orioles Nest. The Orioles Nest is a safe place to work on schoolwork during the school day.

Although Park has moved to distance learning, the administration created a program that allows students an opportunity to study in-person. With the new Orioles’ Nest program, students are able to go into school Monday-Friday. They can sign up through the Student Support App to keep a controlled number of students going into the building. Once in school, they are seated in the lunchroom where they are monitored by staff members. The Echo Editorial Board applauds the administration for their plan to support students during distance learning.

The new program is a good balance for the students that want to be in-person while still keeping safe precautions. It is the safest risk the school can take to aid students that need it. When letting students into the building, the administration has to have a good handle on the amount of people. It is crucial students and staff follow all safety precautions due to the current rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in Minnesota. Therefore, when students go into school, they need to be aware and follow the guidelines to be able to stay safe.

Although there are some students succeeding in distance learning, there are still a handful of students struggling with the changes. Going into school is a good outlet for students whose mental health has been affected by distance learning. This program is the best way to support the students in need and give them the support they may need.

The Echo Editorial Board praises the staff putting themselves at risk for this program to be available. In addition, the Board hopes that if more students are interested in going into school, there could be more spaces for them to be in the building. As long as the administration keeps enforcing the guidelines it had already imposed, then the program should continue to be a success.

The Editorial Board applauds the staff at Park for wanting to help out students and giving them a space to study in school. If students want to study at school, they should know the risks and take safety precautions such as distancing 6-feet apart, washing hands and wearing masks.