Staff Editorial: Student Support Time proves beneficial

Those struggling with their course loads should consider using the service


Jacob Khabie

Math teacher Erik Ahlquist talks with students during an AP Calculus class. Students can now receive help from their teachers by signing up on the Student Support Time App for either individual or group sessions.

Under the weight of the ongoing pandemic, many are struggling to keep up with school work. But, Park has our back. 

With the Student Support Time App, which was rolled out last month, administration and teachers alike have empowered students to get the help they need. Via the website, it’s possible to request one-on-one meetings with teachers or a slot in the Oriole Study Nest in the cafeteria. 

By all accounts, the website design makes it incredibly easy to sign up for the various support offerings. With just a few clicks, one can see when any given teacher is available and then request a meeting.

Students can also reserve a spot in the lunchroom for some focused work time. This incredible idea presents students with a dedicated workspace while also remaining COVID-19 safe — the administration enforces mask-wearing and distancing, and thoroughly sanitizes the space.

The only drawback with the new system seems that a decent number of students are unaware of its incredible benefits. To address this, the administration and teachers should continue to publicize the service. Those with Park Connections classes must remind their students how the process works.

Students should try out the service. Even if one doesn’t feel comfortable meeting individually with a teacher, it can’t hurt to take some time in the Oriole Study Nest, free of at-home distractions.

The Student Support Time website is a great resource for students to fix falling grades and get one-on-one support from teachers. Although these times certainly are tough, it’s reassuring to know that Park has our back.