Mission trip to Haiti gives back

Junior returns with eye-opening perspective


Used with Permission from Julia Lochan

Evie Nelson

Why did your family decide to go on a trip to Haiti?

The purpose of why we went is because we wanted to help kids (in need). I went there before in seventh grade, (my family) wanted to go back on another mission trip.

How did your experience visiting Haiti in the past shape your most recent trip?

The country was a lot different, they were (more) poor the first time than the second. I saw a huge change. The first time the trip was not really organized, we went by ourselves without a organization. Our second time we went with a organization and we did something every day to help people.

What organization did you travel with and what is their mission?

We went with Healing Haiti, their mission is to help impoverished community and to give them clean water. A lot of (communities) do not have clean water so they get sick and die very easily. Helping Haiti wanted to help children, to make sure they do not die from diseases in their water.

What were the most memorable highlights from throughout your mission trip to Haiti?

The first day we went to City Solei, which is the poorest city in the Western Hemisphere, so they don’t have fresh water there because they are too close to the ocean to have a well. (Helping Haiti) got a water trucks and we took the water to the children’s homes. Another highlight was going to the orphanages because they are all so happy with nothing, it was eye opening for me.

What was the most surprising experience you saw when helping children?

A lot of the kids from City Solei are orphans because from the (2018 Haitian) earthquake their parents died, so the kids are alone. We brought jump ropes, soccer balls and music. So we brought the whole community together and they all played with each other. It brought (my family) closer because we were helping other families that are not as fortunate.

How will you bring back the lessons you learned in Haiti to Park?

Now, I do not want to take anything for granted because they are so happy. Not everybody has the opportunity to go to a different country, but since I had the opportunity and see how their country is different from ours, it made me a better person. I now want to volunteer at different places like Feed My Starving Children, I want to help out as much as I can.