Sophomore creates nonprofit organization

Change from your pocket can combat poverty


Humna Belete

Sophomore Adil Ade organizes hats and gloves to prepare for his next project Nov. 20. His organization Pocket Change Foundation helps the homeless.

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

What inspired you to create the Pocket Change Foundation?

I hated seeing homeless people in the streets and people suffering because they messed up in life or (experienced) a family crisis that put them on the streets. Having to go through that without having hope made me feel sad for them.

What is the dream that you have for your organization?

One of the biggest goals is to never have homeless people on the streets again. Giving them a chance to have a fresh start and live the life they have always dreamed of (is a dream I have).

Who do you aim to help with your organization?

Any homeless person I see, I’ll try to help.

What is your favorite memory/experience you’ve had with your foundation so far?

My favorite experience was getting so much support on my (Instagram) page the day I said my goals on the page.

What are the key beliefs of your organization?

All homeless people should have equal opportunities to change or have another opportunity at life.

How does your organization serve the community?

It serves (the community) positively. A lot of people know about it from me spreading the word and friends and family support it, they said they felt inspired by it.

How has the organization served the community so far?

My co-workers and I bought hats and other things from Dollar Tree with the money we had, and we passed them out to the community, (hung) them up at bus stops and gave them to homeless people and helped out the community.

What reactions have you heard from the community about Pocket Change Foundation?

They (the community) felt really inspired and have kept supporting me, they shared it on their posts, they tagging me and spread the word.

What do you have in store for the future with Pocket Change Foundation?

I want to do a couple more projects where I go to places and get backpacks and pack them with snacks, deodorant, shampoo. Everything that a homeless person would need, and what can’t be found easily.