Sophomore expresses self through dance

Rosario Montero-Ward inspired to start school dance team


Megan Hoenie

Sophomore Rosario Montero- Ward practices a dance routine March 19. Montero-Ward is creating a new dance club starting fall of 2020.

Megan Hoenie

What are you doing?

So right now we are working on starting a dance team. Hopefully like next year we would probably have a performance team in the fall and potentially in the winter, but probably just the fall. Right now we are working on finding coaches, setting up information sessions and things like that. 


What inspired you to do dance?

So I have been doing dance since I was young and it’s been like an outlet for expression for me. it’s like not like other sports. For me, other sports feel very like ‘I’m doing this for exercise. Dance for me’. I enjoy it so much and I am so passionate about it. There is always room for improvement. 


How old were you when you started dancing?

I started dancing when I was like 2 and I took a couple breaks and then I’ve been dancing on and off for about 13 years.


What made you decide to start?

I used to go to school where there was a dance team and my 6th grade year I was on my high school dance team at my old district and then I moved away and I was really sad. When we moved here and I found out that we didn’t have a dance team and when I heard that other people felt the same , it just made me wanna like do something about it. 


How is it gonna work?

I can’t say anything for sure because everything is subject to change and we don’t even know that we’re for sure gonna be able to have this next year, but hopefully there will be practice about 3 times a week and then we’ll perform at pep fest and football games. If it carries into winter and people are up for that then we’ll be able to perform at basketball games too and there probably jazz or kick line style type dance.


How are you going to outreach for a new team?

I’ve been talking to people and I put out a survey just to see what kind of numbers we’d have. I’ve talked to alot of people that I used to dance with and people I currently dance with people I just know that dance and I asked them to do the same if they’re interested in  having this work out. So we have like numbers in like the upper 20’s right now which is high and then we’re gonna start info sessions probably in the spring as well as captains practices and stuff like that. 


Where are you going to practice? 

Right now we are not sure, we were looking at a space in the gym at PSI or other schools nearby that have the resources to have the dance team. 


Are you going to compete?

I would love to compete and the people I talked to would love to compete but as of right now, the athletic department said that we want to have a successful non-competitive team for a couple years then probably the year I graduate 2022 the year after that  we would be able to have a competitive team in the winter like most other schools.