Freshman starts selling masks

Henry Salita gives back to community


Shaydi Falcon

Noam Helpern wearing one of Henry Salita’s masks. Freshman Henry Salita sells masks on Instagram.

Colin Canaday

What sparked the idea for selling masks?

My teacher asked me (to come up with) something relevant and something that people need, and, clearly, we’re going through a pandemic. So I thought selling masks would be a good idea.

How long have you been working on this business?

I’ve been putting it together for a few weeks, and three days ago, I finally received my product.

How do you choose the masks that you sell?

I looked at a lot of different sites and I came up with which ones to buy through that. I didn’t want to buy too (many) or in too large of a quantity, and many sites only sold in bulk. I also didn’t want them to be plain; I wanted some designs on them.

How do you think selling masks could be beneficial to the community?

People in our community need masks, and, specifically, reusable masks, because we’re mandated to wear one. They make our community safer, so I guess I’m the guy that can supply them.

How has the public reception been to your business?

I’ve talked with a lot of people, and I definitely know that there is a good market of students who would want to purchase from me.

What were your goals going in?

I definitely want to break even because I put some of my own money into the company, but I also just want the experience of the business. I’ve never been the sales guy or marketed anything before, so just the experience of the business is pretty much what I wanted to get out of it.

How can people purchase masks from you?

They can reach out through Instagram. In the future, I’m planning on expanding to in-person sales, but, currently, Instagram works best.