Freshman launches clothing brand

Bjorn Anderson ‘royalty’ clothing


Crystal Diaz

Freshman Born Anderson designs his own shirts, May 28. Anderson expresses his creativity through the designs on his shirts.

Crystal Diaz

What inspired you to start this clothing brand?

I always see things on social media, people starting out on clothing brands, and I’m in Business Innovations, so then I thought I’m gonna do it. I was outside of the gym and I was thinking of designs and then I just got a lot of inspiration, and I just felt like making these shirts and making affordable and really high quality would be a great way of expressing my creativity, and giving it to other people while making some money.

What styles do you do?

Simple things that I’m usually kind of in my head about things related so one of mine is stronger together. I had that that phrase, (on a shirt) and then in lettering, there were pictures of riots and black mountains, Black Lives Matter protests, and I thought that was a good one, and then one was Black and Gold King, and then there’s thought like thought of like royalty, and that’s the name of my brand, like in a position of power, and then I had my friend Bella Tmake the third design with the royalty logo and I thought that that’s what I liked.

Who supports you?

My teacher, my family, my friends, everyone just gave me tips, ideas and how to make better designs, tweak things and how to actually run it so I needed people or else I wouldn’t be where I am. 

What were some challenges when starting this?

It was definitely (challenging) finding good quality shirts because it can’t leave feeling. Thinking about designs people would want, making a website paying for it. I didn’t expect all the little things that cost money — I didn’t know that you had to pay money to use Excel Online. I didn’t know (about) all these things like shipping, handling things and I didn’t realize how cheap shirts can actually be. 

Where do you want to get with this brand?

My main goal is to sell out completely. Also, if it does go well, then make more designs that people — other people in this community or my friends — want so I can make clothes for them, and  have more clothing that people want, that’s tailored to them.