Senior continues leading SLP Streetwear

Anna Overall focuses on welcoming new members, allowing room for growth

Used with permission from Anna Overall.

Used with permission from Anna Overall.

Jacob Khabie

What does SLP Streetwear do?

We do all things that are related to fashion. Sometimes we’ll watch videos, sometimes we’ll do projects related to high fashion, sometimes we’ll do stuff related to local brands, it’s really dependent on the week. It’s not just streetwear. 


As a co-leader of the club, what are your goals for this year?

My goals for the club this year are to be able to keep it running and to be able to kind of stay updated on some of the stuff because sometimes, because we’re student run, it gets a little bit harder, just because we don’t have a teacher to update us on stuff. (I want to) make sure that I’m really organized, make sure that we get our photo in the yearbook this year and kind of just to welcome new people and make sure the club is still running next year.


Why did you first choose to join SLP Streetwear?

I chose to join the club because I thought that it was something that was really important to me and it was something that spoke to me in the things that I like to do rather than just doing things because I need extracurriculars. I decided to join it because I was able to talk about fashion without being called names or saying people saying weird things about the way that I dress, and I like different styles so it was kind of a community building thing. 


Why do you feel it is important to have a club like SLP Streetwear at Park?

It’s really important to have a club like this just because oftentimes people get made fun of for their expression of style, or people just feel like they don’t fit in the norms because of the way that they dress. And it’s really fun to be able to talk about it and to be able to have other people that enjoy the same things you do and to be able to learn more about high fashion in an environment where other people care about the same type of thing. 


What are you looking forward to in SLP Streetwear this year?

There’s this one project that we do at the beginning of the year that’s really fun where we all make a slideshow. Everybody gets their own slide and they do a depiction of their style like a simple outline of it, and I’m excited to see some freshmen kind of blossom into what they want to wear and learn about new clothes.