Media assistant retires after 20 years at Park

New adventures on the horizon for Deb Sparling


Char Priadka

Media assistant Deb Sparling enjoys her last day before retirement. Sparling worked at Park for over 20 years.

Johanna Kaplan

How long have you worked at Park? 

I started working at St. Louis Park Schools March of 2001 … I did work at Susan Lindgren (Elementary School) before I came to the high school.

Did you prefer working with high schoolers or elementary schoolers? 

I enjoyed both ages because it was similar to where I was in my life, and now my kids are all (grown up) and I have grandkids and I’ll be able to spend (more) time with them. 

What are the highlights of working as media assistant?

I just like seeing the kids and spending time with the kids. 

What drew you to working in a library environment? 

I always volunteered (when) my kids were at Peter Hobart (Elementary) when they were young … I volunteered in the classroom and then I volunteered in the media center, and so I’d spent a lot of my time in the media center. And I’m a reader so I’m happy to be someplace where there’s books and kids.

Why do you want to inspire kids to read?

It’s very important that kids read and being in the media center encouraging that is fantastic.

What’s ahead for you after retiring? 

We’re going to drive down to Dallas and visit my middle son and see his new home. And then we’re going to continue on to Mesa, Arizona, to be there for three months.