Senior receives full-ride to Yale

Semona Robel awarded National College Match Scholarship


Maren Wilsey

What is QuestBridge and how does it work?


QuestBridge is a nonprofit organization that strives to send low income students to elite universities and fund that. I received the National College Match Scholarship, which basically means that I was given a full-ride to Yale, which was really exciting.


How did QuestBridge assist you in your application process?


I applied to the QuestBridge College Prep Scholars program in my junior year. That really helped me get an idea of what the actual QuestBridge scholarship application would look like. But I also was able to gain friends along the way who also participated in QuestBridge, which I think helped me make my application better.


How did you first hear about the program?


A friend of mine received a scholarship to Yale, which was obviously super exciting considering that he grew up with me. That motivated me to apply to the program my junior year, and then also apply to Yale through the scholarship. Then I also received the scholarship so it’s cool that we both got it.


What was your reaction when you found out you got in?


I received the news that the decisions came out at the beginning of sixth hour. We had a sub in history, so I walked up to my friend and told him that the decisions were out. We left the class and went into C350 and opened the application together. That was a really special moment for me, and also learning that I not only received the scholarship but received it to Yale was super huge.


What are you looking forward to now that you’ve gotten in?


I’m excited to meet my future classmates, all of them are super accomplished individuals. But I’m also excited to just enjoy the rest of my senior year. Taking classes that I enjoy, participating in traditions and just enjoying my last year here.