Senior awarded scholarship to Notre Dame

Kathryn Haertezn matched through Questbridge College Match Program

Maren Wilsey

What is QuestBridge and how does it work?

(QuestBridge) is for kids that are in a specific income bracket — about under 65k. Their goal is to help kids get into college when a lot of people don’t think it’s possible. For the process of it, there was an application that was due late September, to see if I was a finalist or not, and then there was a whole different process to get matched to a specific school.

How did QuestBridge assist you in your application process?

They had QuestCast, which were basically little Zooms that we could go on I didn’t end up partaking in that but I (liked knowing) that those options were available. They were also really super helpful through email.

How did you first hear about the program?

I heard about my sophomore year from my advisory teacher.

What was your reaction when you found out you got in?

It didn’t honestly feel real. I was really super shocked. It was my sixth period, and I was sitting in the Wub our Echowan room. I didn’t expect to get matched or anything so it was really super exciting.

What are you looking forward to now that you’ve gotten in?

I’m super excited to go tour (the school) I think I’m doing that in February. I had a meeting with an admissions rep already and they seemed super great, so I’m really excited.

Would you recommend that students try applying to QuestBridge?Absolutely QuestBridge is a great program and I think more St. Louis Park kids should know about it.