Double trouble with the Curtis twins

Freshman twins benefit from playing with each other


Crystal Diaz

How have you benefited from playing together?


Marley: We win a lot of games because we score twice as much. It’s easy to get a point, it’s a quick win.

Micah: It’s made me better playing with someone who’s right by my side and gets me. We have a special chemistry together.


How do you help each other grow?


Marley: We pick each other up and when one of us is doing wrong, we let each other know because we want what is best for each other.

Micah: By pointing out the mistakes that he makes, he does the same for me because we notice different things in our game.


How does playing with each other make it competitive?


Marley: We’re out to get everybody, so if I know that I got him on my side I know I can do whatever I want on the court we make each other better.

Micah: There’s two of us and obviously it’s easier because we have chemistry together.


What is your favorite memory of playing together?


Marley: There was this one time we both jumped the same amount of points. He got 20 and I got 20 that combined for 40.

Micah: Winning state championship in fifth grade. We were really good that year.


How do you guys prepare for a game?


Marley: We talk to each other and say a quick prayer and we listen to music.

Micah. A prayer, we listen to good music and we stretch each other. 


What are some negatives of playing together?


Marley: I don’t get as many points as I should’ve been getting.

Micah: I want more points and with him I can’t always get that.


How does playing with your brother affect you?


Marley: It’s a good effect because he knows what I do wrong, so he can tell me so I can make myself a better person (and)player.

Micah: It affects me because he always gets on me. He knows what’s best for me and he wants what’s best for me. That is what makes me better.