Ellen Pajor promotes student expression

SLP Nest Coordinator aims to represent core values


Yonah Davis

SLP Nest coordinator Ellen Pajor cleans the cafe area in preparation for an upcoming food and health inspection.

Evie Nelson

How is your role classified throughout the SLP Nest?

“I am the nest coordinator. That means I am the adult on site, if anybody needs anything, or if people come in and are new they can ask me. If you’re ever having an issue, you can come to me. My goal is to be as involved as the students would like me to be.”

When did you begin to get involved with the cafe?

“I had been job hunting all summer, and I saw a posting on (the SLP Nest). I had never heard of it before, but I looked on the website, and I was so impressed with their mission. (The SLP Nest) was so in alignment with things that interested me, my education background, and my philosophies on ‘people being able to exist.’ I was over the moon when I got (the job).”

What do you hope the goals of the SLP Nest will be?

“In a nutshell, the whole idea is fostering a place where students can come and be themselves. Have it be safe, and explore different avenues that they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.”

What are events you will help organize at the SLP Nest?

“There will be weekly events, starting on Mondays and Tuesdays we will have de-stress events. We have talked about having yoga, chill crafts like coloring, even meditation. We will also have homework help every Wednesday. Plus monthly weekend events including open mic nights. If anyone has suggestions they can feel free to let me know.”

Why is the SLP Nest an important addition to the Park community?

“One of our goals is to implement things kids need to be well-rounded adults and individuals. My hope is that students come in here, relax, have a place to hang out. Then also if there is anything that students aren’t finding an outlet for, we can help find that outlet.”