Relating to Russian roots


Albie Sher

Sophomore Nina Afremov speaks not only one language, but three. Having a family background in Russia has inspired her to break out of her comfort zone and learn other languages.

“The reason I wanted to learn Russian was because my dad is from St. Petersburg,” Afremov said.

Over the summer Afremov went to a Russian camp to further her skills and receive high school credit. While there she felt her ability to speak Russian was greatly enhanced.

“It was a lot of fun,” Afremov said. “I got to make friends while I was learning.”

Afremov’s third language is french, which she is currently learning in school.

Russia has further influenced her life through the cuisine. Afremov enjoys cooking traditional Russian meals with her family. Her favorite thing to cook is pierogies, which are bread pockets with any type of filling, savory or sweet.

“I like cooking, but I like eating more,” Afremov said.

In addition to cooking traditional meals Afremov also said she enjoys writing short stories in her free time.

“I feel like all stories are based off of real life events so I think that comes across in my stories, and I prefer to write at night because everything is quiet,” Afremov said

Nina Afremov enjoys writing and experiencing her Russian culture, but above all she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.