Swinging towards success

Senior Riley Knudson golfs as extracurricular, stress reliever

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Swinging towards success

Ivy Kaplan

While some students may hit the books during their free time, senior Riley Knudson prefers to hit the greens and participate in golf.

According to Knudson, he started golf during his freshman year at his old high school in Virginia and continued becoming more involved and skilled in it.

“A lot of my friends were doing it and my dad is a huge golfer and he’s really good,” Knudson said. “He supports me in it a lot.”

As a junior last year, Knudson received all-regional in golf as a result of his constant practice, in addition to taking on the role of captain of the team, as well as receiving recognition as team MVP.

“I practiced every day and played in tournaments and events like that,” Knudson said. “You just go to the range and hit balls and putt.”

Knudson also participates in football and basketball, but said he enjoys the relaxing aspects golf offers.

“It just takes my mind off of everything. Whenever I’m stressed I just go hit balls and listen to music,” Knudson said. “Golf’s pretty relaxed and it’s something that helps me take my mind off of things, compared to football where you just take your aggression out.”

Knudson said he plans to continue playing golf after high school, but will also participate on the high school team in the spring.

“I’d like to play college golf and see where that takes me, but I’m also going to play this year for the school,” Knudson said. “It will be fun. I like Mr. Goddard and I’m sure we’ll kill it this year.”

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