Freshman celebrates coming of age through dance

Besides dance, Britney Villanueva likes reading sad stories and writing poetry

Jonah Kupritz

Freshman Britney Villanueva will need to put her dancing skills to the test in a few weeks when she celebrates her quinceañera.

Villanueva said her passion for dancing began many years ago, after watching her sister dance often.

“When I was little, my older sister always danced in front of me and that kind of inspired me to dance,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva said quinceañeras, a Latin American custom celebrating a girl’s fifteenth birthday, typically feature many different dance traditions.

According to Villanueva, one such tradition involves dancing with Chambelanes, which are formal male escorts.

“Chambelanes dance with you, it’s their honor,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva said her quinceañera will be in the theme of Mardi Gras, a day of parades and celebration which takes place most famously in New Orleans.

Behind the dancing and festivities that take place at the celebration of fifteen years, Villanueva said there is a deeper meaning.

“It means coming into womanhood,” Villanueva said.

In addition to dancing, Villanueva said she enjoys reading and writing. She said her favorite books to read are fantasy book and sad romantic books.

“One of my favorite books could be The Fault in Our stars, or Divergent,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva said she loves writing short stories and poetry.

“Mostly if I get an idea, and I see it’s a good inspiration, I will usually write a poem about it, or a short story. I usually put feeling into it,” Villanueva said.

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