Passion Fueling a Young Mind

Amina Mohamud

“ I am the puppet and it is my master;” with every word he speaks, with every move he dances, and with every lyric he picks, the love he has is shown.

Self-taught and motivated, Sophomore Tre Givens has been dancing for the last three and a half years, and competing for Dance-N-Magic in St. Paul. His passion for dance enables him not only to do what he loves, but help others as well.

Givens has his own style of dancing, a mix of hip-hop and popping, a style he taught himself. Much of his love in dancing comes when he is alone with music.

“I love dancing because when I dance, it’s me and the music, no audience, no camera, nobody, just me and the vibes of the song,” he said.

He continued by talking about his thought process when he is dancing, which consists of becoming the music.

“I am the visualization of the lyrics, the beat, the bass, the treble, I am a moving version of the music,” he expressed.

At times Givens said he even loses himself in the music and lets his body and soul take control.

“That’s one main reason I look at the floor so much when I dance. It’s because I can’t tell that I am, the music moves me in whatever way it chooses,” he said.

Participating in four different competitions, Givens has placed third, seconds, won a Super Swag award, and gotten judges favorite.

His plans for the future consist of the usual of going to college, however he wants to let life take him wherever.

“My ideal future is going to college and making a business where I can be me and do what I love whether its dance or helping others,” he said.

“My ideal future is wherever the music takes me.”