Freshman attends musical camp

Trip creates father-son bonding opportunity

Alec Pittman

At a young age, piano player freshman Marco Giovannelli surprised his music teacher when he played “Jingle Bells” on the fly with perfect flats and sharps.

Giovannelli said he began attending the Colorado Suzuki Institute in the Rocky Mountains, where he practices piano and other instruments, seven years ago.

“It is kind of like school, only in a big resort. You have classes like school with a 25-minute passing time to get to the next class,” Giovannelli said.

Gino Giovannelli, Marco’s father, said he and Marco participate in fun activities while not practicing music.

“We always mix a little Colorado adventure in with the piano camp — from white water rafting to taking the gondola up to the top of the mountain to bungee jumping to bocce,” Gino Giovannelli said. “One of the traditions we have is, after our final recital, we go out for steaks at a restaurant called the Dusty Boot.”

Gino Giovannelli said he believes the camp represents a great way to spend time together with his son.

“Part of the special experience is the 16 plus-hour car ride each way.  That’s a lot of time to listen to music together in the car and just hang out together in the van.  Once we are there, it is special to be able to spend basically all day and night together,” Gino Giovannelli said. “Since I attend his classes with him, it’s nice to debrief together.”

Marco Giovannelli said the teachers at camp make the trip memorable because of their experience with music.

“They bring in the best teachers from around the nation to help every day, so I feel like I get better,” Marco Giovannelli said. “Some of my teachers have had other students from school who have gone sometimes.”

According to Gino Giovannelli, he, along with Marco’s mother Lynn Giovannelli, take pride in Marco’s determination and commitment.

“Lynn and I are super proud of how disciplined Marco is with his piano, and it’s a pleasure to just see him enjoy it so much. He does a great job of balancing his time commitments between school work, music and sports,” Gino Giovannelli said. “It is wonderful to see his hard work paying off as he is able to share his music with friends at school, church and even some gigs out at coffee shops.”