Senior reflects on soccer career

Principles learned in sport carry on within


Senior Captain Sammi Baer protects the ball from the opponent. The Orioles lost 1-3 in the Oct. 13 game.

Alec Pittman and Kailey DeLozier

Reminiscing on her successful senior year as captain of the girls’ varsity soccer team, Sammi Baer said she couldn’t help but look back on her final soccer season with fondness.

According to Baer, she opted to run track in college rather than continue playing soccer.

“I decided not to continue to play soccer in college because my desire to pursue track was more than my desire for soccer,” Baer said. “For awhile I considered trying to do both at a D3 school, but after a lot of consideration I decided I wanted to devote the next chapter of my life to track.”

Baer said the most difficult aspect of her choice was the underlying feeling she was letting go of all her hard work over the entirety of her time playing soccer.

“The hardest part is ‘quitting’ a sport I have played for 14 years. You get a feeling you are quitting something you have worked so hard for and devoted so much of your life to,” Baer said. “I try to see it as a new beginning instead of an ending because now I am beginning the same journey and one I have always wanted pursue for track.”

According to Baer, she learned more than just the fundamentals of soccer in her time playing, but also key character principles that can be applied to her life.

“Soccer has taught me many more life lessons than I expected,” Baer said. “I learned the importance of commitment, responsibility and self-confidence along with team confidence. Besides that I learned a lot about my personality through my club coach.”

Reflecting on her career highlights, Baer said experiences in both club and high school soccer stand out.

“My favorite highlight from high school soccer was beating Benilde this year and also winning our conference,” Baer said. “(From) my club season I have many wonderful memories from learning and experiencing new things from the energy my coach taught us. Also, winning our league two years in a row.”

Baer currently is undecided between Colorado Springs, the University of Colorado, St. Thomas and the University of Minnesota.