Senior to serve in National Guard

Max Dehn seeks education opportunities in military


Used with permission of Bryan Huynh

Senior Bryan Huynh poses with an United States Army personal after making his commitment.

Ben Sanford

With the intent of serving after high school, senior Max Dehn said he decided to reach out to the National Guard.

“I always wanted to serve, and I know it’s good to try (to) join senior year or shortly after you join high school, so I sought (the National Guard) out,” Dehn said.

Computer science teacher Jacob Utities said he thinks the National Guard could be a beneficial opportunity for Dehn.

“If he feels like they can help him pay for his schooling or help him with his schooling, (then) I think it’s a good choice,” Utities said.

Dehn said he was looking for a way to serve while still receiving an education.

“The reason I joined the National Guard is I still wanted to go to college (but) I still wanted to serve, but maybe not take an active deployment role like the Army has,” Dehn said.

Dehn said family members who have served in the past guided him through the process.

“I have a couple family friends that are in the (National) Guard before, so they kind of helped me,” Dehn said.

Utities said the National Guard is a much safer and better option compared to other parts of the military.

“I think National Guard is a good choice above some of the other options in the military because there’s less chance of being shipped into combat,” Utities said.

According to Dehn, the National Guard is a influential way to give back to our country.

“I think it’s just important for everyone to recognize community and help out when they can,” Dehn said.

According to Utities, it is very important to go into the military educated and prepared for what is to come.

“Consider all your options, and definitely talk to other people who have already served,” Utities said. “You should not go into the Army, or anything like that without previously talking to several people and see what their experience is.”