Senior gets full ride for musical talent

Emmett Foner earns a free college experience


Nebyu Bekele

Emmett Foner plays the violin during his orchestra class May 2. Foner was awarded a full ride scholarship to the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

Carly Joseph

For his notable achievements with the violin, senior Emmett Foner said he was awarded a full ride to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. While he was not originally set on going to Eau Claire, he said he is very excited for the opportunity.

“I was planning on going to Iowa State University, but the day I was getting ready to commit, Eau Claire sent me an email that they were going to offer me a full ride,” Foner said. “All the gears changed, and I just sort of went in that direction.”

According to Foner, who has played the violin for nine years, he is excited to challenge himself with more difficult music.

“I’m excited to try it. I’ve never really done quartet music with musicians this good. The music will be much more technical and difficult,” Foner said.

Senior David Benjamin, a long time friend of Foner’s, has been learning violin with him over the years.

“The first orchestra camp I went to was with Emmett in sixth grade and we’ve known each other through music,” said Benjamin. “I think he’s done really well over the years and we’ve had the same teachers so we’ve progressed together.”

High school orchestra director Kou Lee said he admires Foner’s work ethic.

“He’s an athlete in Nordic (skiing), track and cross country. He is, of course, in both orchestras here, and then he is in GTCYS (Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony),” Lee said. “He has to balance all of that with school too, so I would say that he’s a hard worker especially in the things he really loves.”

According to Foner, his scholarship is solely based on his talent with the violin.

“It was not academic at all, and it was all based on an audition I did. I started online, and we sent in audio recordings of two solos, and then the judges picked three of us to come in and audition for the spots,” Foner said. “It will give me a lot less stress because I won’t be worrying about my student loans and can just enjoy my time in college.”

According to Lee, he wrote Foner a letter of recommendation for the scholarship.

“I spoke very highly of him in his letter of recommendation, and I’m just really proud. He got in because of all his hard work,” Lee said.

Benjamin agrees with Lee in regards to Foner’s work ethic and overall drive with the violin.

“He’s played violin for more than half of his life so he deserves it. He’s pretty accomplished in that aspect,” said Benjamin.