Student reaches over 100k followers on TikTok

Fun content allows junior to go viral


Oliver Smith

Junior Gavin Thoe makes a dancing TikTok while on break at his job at Five Guys. Thoe has gained 103 thousand followers since he began making TikToks in November 2018.

Anna Benishek

After hitting 100,000 followers on TikTok, junior Gavin Thoe posted a mash-up of videos of his most popular content as a thank you to his fans.

Thoe said that he is grateful to have an app where he can post and create videos for himself and enjoy doing it with others. 

“(TikTok) allows me to be creative and put out ideas that I have for myself and it’s a fun thing to do with my friends,” Thoe said. 

Junior Cameron Delorme who has been featured in a few of Thoe’s videos, said Thoe comes up with unique concepts for videos, which could have helped lead to his success on TikTok.  

“He has some interesting original ideas, and he’s made some pretty weird videos, which is why maybe it has so many views,” Delorme said.

Hosfield said Thoe does not follow the trends on TikTok which make him different from everyone else. 

“I would say Gavin doesn’t choose the trendy TikTok’s,” Hosfield said. “He mostly comes up with his own trends. Instead of following other people and that’s what separates people from other people.” 

Thoe said that TikTok is easy to have a viral video or following, and he believes that the reason he has a huge audience is because he posts countless videos which gain him more followers. 

If it were on any other app, I would be really amazed, but since it’s TikTok it’s super easy to get viral,” Thoe said. “There’s a lot of people with a lot of followings and I think what got me there was just doing a lot of videos and having them blowing up.” 

According to Delorme, he was glad that Thoe reached 100,000 followers and was astonished by his achievement. 

“I was proud of him. I talked to him and told him that’s a sweet and good job,” Delorme said. “(A) Hundred- thousand followers is a lot and I was pretty surprised that he accomplished that.” 

According to junior Marcus Hosfield, Thoe puts a lot of thought and effort into his videos which makes many viewers enjoy the videos.  

“I’ve known Gavin personally; I know a lot of times he’s thinking of what he’s going to make,” Hosfield said. “He’s a super creative person and all of his TikTok’s end up coming out good and they all make me laugh.”