Sophomore volunteers at local food shelf

Second language proves helpful


Lauren Thon

Sophomore Stayci Spates proves to be an asset at the local food shelf. She gives back to the community by volunteering every Saturday at her church’s food shelf.

Lauren Thon

Through these difficult times, sophomore Stayci Spates has been giving back to her community by volunteering at the Minneapolis Central Church of Christ food shelf every Saturday. 

“My Mom started going towards the beginning of COVID-19 to help give out food to low income  families who were struck by COVID-19,” Stayci Spates said.

 According to Stayci Spates, it’s very important to volunteer especially during COVID-19, because everybody should be able to eat no matter their income. 

“Everybody deserves the right to food so they can live a happy, healthy life,” Stayci Spates said. “The amount of money you have shouldn’t indicate whether you get to eat or not.”

Stayci Spates is fluent in Spanish and she has found that is a helpful skill while volunteering at the food shelf so she can help a more diverse group of people. 

“A lot of the people who go to the food shelf are Hispanic or of Spanish speaking cultures, and they couldn’t communicate with the people there because they don’t know Spanish,” Stayci Spates said.

Stayci Spates’ Mom, Kimberly Spates, said she has seen a lot of growth in her daughter. She Stayci was shy and quiet but, as of late, has become more confident.

“She is not afraid to interact with others, especially adults. She doesn’t hesitate to help with her duties,” said Kimberly Spates. 

Kimberly Spates also said Stayci has been a huge resource due to her Sspanish, and many of the families have been more comfortable because of her.

“Stayci has been an asset due to her approachable personality and bilingual skills. She makes families who come for services feel comfortable,” Kimberly Spates said.

One of Stayci Spates’ close friends sophomore Isys Morrow, has also attended the food shelf with her. Although she doesn’t attend on a regular basis, she said she has seen a change in Stayci.

“She has gotten more confident in her Spanish abilities,” Morrow said. “She was always shy about using her spanish and rarely ever used it, she is now not afraid to use it at all.”

According to Stayci Spates, she is very happy with volunteering at the food shelf and helping people makes her feel really good. 

“I plan to continue volunteering, I really enjoy helping people,” Spates said. “It’s very heartwarming when I see people smile when I talk to them in Spanish.”

To donate, visit the Minneapolis Central Church of Christ website or drop off products in person.