Junior writes her own music

‘Loose Ends’ shows emotion through track

Used with permission from Grace Stillman.

Used with permission from Grace Stillman.

Tenzin Gyaldatsang

When junior Grace Stillman released her new song “Loose Ends,” she said she received positive feedback.

“Most people say they like it, which is really good. Some people also said they were connected to the lyrics,” Stillman said.

According to Stillman, she doesn’t have a direct reason for making the track, but the song relates to her past, and she received inspiration from a movie.

“I’m not really sure — it’s a mix of my past. I was watching a movie, and I got the inspiration from that,” Stillman said.

Junior Maria Koepke, a close friend of Stillman’s, believes that the vocals in “Loose Ends” were exceptional. 

“I thought it was super cool and really good. Her vocals are very good,” Koepke said.

Stillman said she conveys her emotions through the music and tries to include beneficial messages as well.

“I like to include hopeful stuff. (“Loose Ends”) is an expression of my optimism, so I try to make it positive,” Stillman said.

Koepke said that her favorite part of the song was the chorus because of its calming effect.

“The chorus stuck out to me because it was very pretty,” Koepke said. “It was definitely my favorite part of the song. The music was very relaxing.”

Stillman said that she likes to listen to alternative and classic music and finds many artists as motivation for her music.

“Mostly alternative and classic artists like Ritt Momney, Phoebe Bridgers, David Bowie and Bob Dylan,” Stillman said.

To hear “Loose Ends” or other songs Stillman has written, visit Stillman’s SoundCloud account and Youtube Account.