First junior captain chosen for boys’ hockey

Stanley Regguinti displays impressive leadership qualities


Anna Benishek

Junior Stanley Regguinti faces off with Benilde-St. Margaret’s player senior Grant Ellings. Park lost to Benilde-St. Margaret’s Jan. 26 with a score of 6-1. Regguinti was recently chosen as a boys’ hockey captain.

Colin Canaday

Upon hearing he had been picked as a captain for boys’ hockey, junior Stanley Regguinti said he knew what was going to be expected of him.

“I (know I) can play a big role as a leader on the team. I just know I have to do that next year,” Regguinti said.

According to head coach Andrew Sackrison, leadership positions adjust throughout the season, as players’ skills are evaluated.

“We like to see kids come into trials and see how their attitude is. That’s something that we evaluate throughout the year, too,” Sackrison said. “So, at any point in time, leadership arises, and that’s how we’ve made our decisions throughout the years.”

Junior Michael Hoikka said he is excited and hopeful for what next year will bring.

“I think it will be good for the team, because next year, we’ll be ready and we’ll have a leader. He’s a good leader, and he just brings everyone together,” Hoikka said.

Sackrison said throughout his years as a coach, he has found that having a large group of upperclassmen typically creates more genuine leadership.

“This year, in particular, we have a really big group of seniors, and having a big group like that usually leads to having more natural leadership,” Sackrison said. “That doesn’t mean that is always the case, (especially) when you have younger kids.”

According to Hoikka, Regguinti’s work ethic and personable qualities make him a great choice for a captain.

“He’s a hard worker, one of the hardest workers I know. And he’s just a friend of everyone,” Hoikka said.

According to Regguinti, he doesn’t expect much of a challenge in being a captain.

“It should be pretty easy as long as I’m doing my job making sure everyone’s focused, showing up on time and stuff like that,” Regguinti said.

Going into his next season, Hoikka said the team will demonstrate a good skill set across all grade levels.

“I think we’re gonna do pretty good because we have a solid goalie,” Hoikka said. “We’ll have a few good seniors, and the sophomores that are coming up will be pretty good. And the juniors are actually pretty good too.”