Team adapts to challenges

Girls’ soccer works on new formation

Alec Pittman

Fatigue sets in as the girls recover from another offensive attack from the opposing team, but their practice prepared them for this, according to head coach Benjy Kent.

Kent added that a difficult season faces the girls this year.
He said the girls play many excellent teams in their conference and are trying a new formation to improve defensive ability.

Kent said traditionally, there are three lines of players: defenders, midfielders and forwards.

This setup usually has any- where from three to four defend- ers, three to five midfielders and one to three forwards.

“This formation has four defenders, two defensive midfielders, three attacking midfielders and one forward,” Kent said.

The team has practiced this formation to adjust to the challenging games ahead.

The upcoming schedule includes games against Minneapolis Southwest, Chaska, Minneapolis South and Roseville.

“We have a tougher schedule, so I don’t know if our record will be the same, better or worse,” Kent said. “If we can be tough and focused enough defensively to keep ourselves in the game, the longer we stay in the game the more dangerous we become.” 

Freshman Anna Jennissen said she looks forward to the season.

“It’ll be great to see how we all improve as a whole,” Jennissen said. “I want us to put everything we have onto the field every time we play.”

Kent said another challenge lies in overcoming more developed programs larger schools have because of their numbers.

“Our kids like the challenge and the benefit is we have a lot of kids that can do other things. Some of our best players have to play more minutes than they might otherwise,” Kent said.

According to Kent, the amount of work required for success in this type of play is hard but needed.

“It’ll be important to mentally and physically be tough enough to compete with some of these good teams,” Kent said.

The next game will be against the Chaska Hawks. The game will take place 5:00 p.m. Sept. 10 at St. Louis Park High School.