IB Coordinator strives to make a change

Jenny Magdal utilizes her skills alongside the IB program


Carissa Prestholdt

IB Coordinator Jenny Magdal consults juniors on their extended essays Nov. 30 in C153. IB Diploma Candidates work on their papers every Tuesday and Thursday.

Isabel Kjaer

As Jenny Magdal looks ahead to her third year as the International Baccalaureate Coordinator, said she hopes to continue inspiring students.

According to Magdal, the International Baccalaureate (IB) program works to aid students in creating positive changes globally.

“IB is a whole program that is looking at enriching kids’ lives so that they then grow up and become adults that are going to make this world a better place,” Magdal said. “So by promoting this program, I’m able to get more kids involved and get more people that are going to be good in this world.”

According to senior IB Diploma Candidate Megan Perkins, Magdal makes an effort to learn about her students and has always had an optimistic outlook.

“She does a good job with connecting with you on a personal level. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her mad or frowning,” Perkins said. “ She always very positive and excited.”

According to Magdal, to ease students’ need for support systems, Magdal put together Mindfulness Mondays, a place students can go to get encouragement for the upcoming week.

“Kids just didn’t feel like they had the supports in place if they were overwhelmed or whatever the case could be,” Magdal said. “People can come to my classroom, and I’ll teach them a mindfulness technique which can help them manage their stress and that’s for anybody in the school.”

Perkins said Magdal has benefited her overall wellness as a student and person.

“She helped me a lot with looking for my own personal doubts within myself about being able to be in the Diploma program.,” Perkins said. “So I guess impact-wise, she’s helped me a lot to see that I can do these things and succeed.”

Magdal said she constantly seeks to improve her skills as IB Coordinator in order to include more individuals in the IB program and mission.

“Right now, I’m taking a training on extended essays so I can be a better supervisor of extended essays. It’s just so fun to keep learning for myself so I can keep getting more people involved and supported,” Magdal said.

Magdal said any student being taught by an IB-trained teacher is reaping the advantages of the program, which can lead to an impactful change in the world.

“I think the students that are taking the IB classes or have teachers that teach IB, even if it’s not an IB course, are getting the benefits of planning and values that the IB program has,” Magdal said. “They’re getting supported in ways that will make the world a better place.”

According to Magdal, she hopes to continue as IB Coordinator in order to make changes and advances in the program.

Perkins said Magdal has the ability to change the way she teaches in order to fit a student’s needs.

“She is able to adapt to my learning style and other people’s learning styles. She can break things down one-on-one.” Perkins said.

According to Magdal, the students in IB classes constantly impress her with the skills they pick up throughout their classes.

“I would say I have to put the students at the forefront. To see them be successful and learn new things and think critically about stuff—that’s got to be the best,” Magdal said. “They amaze me time after time after time with what they’re doing and what they can accomplish.”

According to Magdal, she hopes to continue as IB Coordinator in order to make changes and advances in the program.

“I hope to be in this position for a very very long time. I see the places where we need to improve, and I’m trying to make steps toward improving it,” Magdal said.