Boys’ swimming defeats Bloomington Jefferson

Team moves into bulk of season

Beating Bloomington Jefferson 61-33, head coach Amanda Forsberg said the boys’ swim team’s wholistic efforts is putting the team on a path to success.

“As a team everyone did really well, everyone’s dropping time, everyone looked really good. It was a total team effort,” Forsberg said.

Junior Jack Hanson said the team expressed a new energy and made new strides during recent practices over winter days off.

“We actually did very well, we have improved the last few weeks for sure. The winter break practices definitely improved us, and this week we definitely showed a lot more enthusiasm,” Hanson said.

Senior captain Adam Recknagel said the team could improve finishing strong, among other related team logistics.

“(We need to work on) following dress code and making sure to finish well and touch out,” Recknagel said.

Forsberg said at this first scored conference meet, solid practices and training payed off, and she was pleased with the team’s overall performance this season.

“You never know how you do until you put it in the water versus the conference,” Forsberg said. “The team swam really really well coming off two weeks of training and not racing, everyone is back together so I was very impressed very happy with how all the guys did.”

Forsberg said there are always small tweaks to be made for improvement and faster times.

“Just (working on) little things like not breathing off the turns, and stronger kicks off the walls,” Forsberg said.

Hanson said the team pushed hard for the close victories they achieved in races.

“We had some really close touches and we got them. (In the) 400 free, (senior) David Salehzadeh came back with a touch out of .01 seconds, which was a pretty cool highlight,” Hanson said.

The next meet is against Robbinsdale Cooper  6 p.m. Jan. 11 at at Plymouth Middle School.

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