Meet the athlete: Cire Mayfield

Jacob Stillman and Alec Pittman

How long have you been playing basketball?

I have been playing since second grade.


How long have you been playing for Park?

I have been playing for Park since seventh grade.


What do you like best about basketball?

Probably just playing with a team. Playing with a team is just great.


What makes St. Louis Park basketball unique?

The culture, everyone here just wants to win and I love that about them. That is what I love about St. Louis Park.


Do you have a favorite memory this year?

Every game, every game is a good memory for me honestly.


What does the varsity team need to do better this year?

Probably box outs, box outs and more defensive stops.


Do you plan on playing basketball after high school?

Most definitely, yes.


Any specific plans for after high school?

Yeah, I have a couple of plans, to be continued.