Senior finds passion in mentoring

Free ACT tutoring available


Grace Farley

Senior Samyu Yenamandra explains a question during her free tutoring session for the ACT. She will be offering more sessions in the summer.

Maddie Lund

Senior IB diploma candidate Samyu Yenamandra said she knows that ACT testing is an anxious time for most students and wanted to do something to alleviate the stress.

“I wanted to start because I had gotten tutored and it really helped me and it was really easy for me to do it because I had all of the materials to tutor people, like all the practice tests and so many tips from my tutors,” Yenamandra said. “I feel like it can be a really stressful time, so I thought it was a good idea.”

According to Yenamandra, the first session she held went as planned, and she felt good about the help she was giving.

“(The tutoring) has been going really well. I had my first session and I helped a junior with the ACT, so I gave hersome tips and practice tests and it pretty much went how I expected it to go,” Yenamandra said.

According to Junior Sidney Hosfield, who attended one of the ACT sessions, she learned a lot and had fun at the same time.

“I was the only one there, but it was fun and Samyu is really smart and she’s really helpful,” Hosfield said.

Hosfield said she wanted the tutoring because after taking one ACT test she wanted to increase her score.

“I took one ACT and I knew I could do better and I was planning on getting tutoring and I am friends with Samyu, so Ithought it would be a good opportunity,” Hosfield said.

According to Yenamandra, she also used the tutoring as her required CAS project for the IB Diploma.

“I did the (tutoring) because it was the easiest thing I could have done to help people, and I’ve already done it before,” Yenamandra said. “I’ve been tutoring some of my friends, and I thought it was the best way to make an impact, and it wasn’t too hard because I had all the stuff I needed to do it.”

Yenamandra said she plans to continue the sessions throughout the summer if students ask for more.

“I said at my session that if anybody liked getting the help they could always ask for more and I would do it over the summer because I would have time to do it and I would definitely want to help people. I feel like if I help them and give them those tips they can help other people,” Yenamandra said.