Girls’ soccer team contends in sections game

Season ends in 3-0 loss to Cretin-Derham Hall


Creston Halstead

Freshman Kate Kasica uses her body to keep the ball away from one of Cretin-Derham Hall's offensive starters. Park lost 0-3 Oct. 12.

Nolan Kelly and Ella Hammerstrand

Girls’ varsity soccer captain, senior Rachel Young, said she felt optimistic despite the defeat that signaled the end of their season.

“Of course it’s always hard to end the season, but we knew the time was going to come eventually and we were just all happy to play a hard game together,” Young said.

While facing Cretin-Derham Hall in its first sections matchup, Park was defeated 3-0.

Assistant coach Bradley Brubaker said the team did not create enough scoring opportunities.

“I always kind of say I don’t worry about the goals they score when our side says zero,” Brubaker said. “You get those goals by putting it in front of the opponent’s net more often than they do.”

Young said the team struggled to capitalize on their plays, but she felt that the team will continue to work hard in coming years.  

“I think the constant struggle here has been finding the back of the goal,” Young said. “We have a lot of fight in us, and I think next year they’ll carry that with them and continue to work hard.”

Sophomore Dare Kroeten said she praised the work Park’s defense put in, even after its recent loss.

“Nobody has really acknowledged the fact that we have the most amazing defense,” Kroeten said.

According to Young, the team kept fighting even when they were behind.

“I mean we all really wanted it, it just doesn’t go the way you always want it to,” Young said.

Kroeten was unimpressed by Cretin-Derham Hall’s performance, and she said her team could have done better under different circumstances.

“Any other day of the week they can come to our stadium with our fans and see what happens,” Kroeten said.

According to Kroeten, the results of this match are not reflective of the team’s overall caliber.

“We let shots go in, we did not really fail at anything, we are a great team and this loss is not going to change the fact that this team is good,” Kroeten said.

The team will still offer training until the conclusion of State, and will hold its end-of-season banquet at 5 p.m. Nov. 11, according to