Book club completes first book of the year

Meeting provides ground for discussion


Noah Orloff

Senior Caroline Garland searches for a passage in "Warcross" by Marie Lu during the book club meeting Oct. 16. The next book for the club is "All Rights Reserved" by Gregory Scott Katsoulis.

Marta Hill and Noah Orloff

After attending her first book club meeting discussing “Warcross” by Marie Lu, freshman Sophie Curran-Moore said she was impressed and wants to attend future meetings.

“I want to see what other people are reading and find new books, so I’m coming back,” Curran-Moore said. “It was a really fun time.”

Book club advisor Ellen George said the after school club allows students who appreciate literature to exchange their ideas in an informal setting.

“If you like to read, it’s just fun,” George said. “If you’re not too busy, come in and out when you’ve got time.”

George said she felt the meeting Oct. 16 was successful, despite the number of students who had not completed the book.

“It went fine considering that many people didn’t have time to finish the book. It’s just a nice chat, and we had some pizza,” George said. “It was just a fun gathering.”

According to senior Estelle Tronson, who has been a member of the book club since her freshman year, book club is a good place to analyze new books.

“It’s always beneficial to talk about what you read, even if it was a book that wasn’t your favorite,” Tronson said. “It’s always fun to talk to other people who have read the book, and discuss what you liked and disliked.”

Curran-Moore said she thought the concept of “Warcross” was good, but the book was executed poorly.

“I liked the characters and the general idea, but I think it could have been better,” Curran-Moore said. “It was a little slow, which made it hard to get into. And it seemed like the main character was always okay with everything that was going on, and I wish she had more of a backbone.”

Senior Sam Schug said being a member of book club has introduced her to new genres.

“It’s a great way to get exposed to more books. That’s a good thing because you get to see more genres and titles that you never thought you would like before,” Schug said.

George said she has discovered new books though the club, expanding the types of stories she is reading.

“I get to read books that I might not find the time to read otherwise. It exposes me to some different types of books than I normally gravitate towards,” George said.

Curran-Moore said she thinks everyone can enjoy reading once they identify the genres that appeal to them.

“Everyone should join book club because it’s fun and if they think reading isn’t for them then they’re wrong, they just haven’t found the right book yet,” Curran-Moore said.

According to George, student input is used in determining which novel is read next.

“I try to get my book club to help me choose them during the year,” George said. “We meet probably five or six times during the school year just to make sure no one gets overwhelmed with homework and you have time to read.”

According to George, club members have already chosen the next book to be read.

“Our next book is “All Rights Reserved,” a dystopian futuristic novel, that we will discuss probably later in November,” George said.