Intersectional Feminism Club changes name

Presidents, members hope to include more students


Carissa Prestholdt

Sophomore Elizabeth Orton engages in Intersectional Feminism Club’s first meeting of the year. Members discussed their goals for the year.

Isabel Kjaer

According to co-president junior Allison Feller, Intersectional Feminism Club’s name needed an update in order to encompass a larger group of people.

“We wanted to attract more different types of people and not just white people. We also wanted to incorporate everything that feminism stands for, which is not just white people,” Feller said.

Junior Ruby Stillman said intersectional feminism considers marginalized groups of people in the feminist movement.

“Intersectional feminism means feminism taking into account the discrepancies between different types of women,” Stillman said.

According to Stillman, when she first suggested the new name at a meeting, it was met with positivity.

“I just thought of it in a meeting once and I just proposed it and they thought it was a good idea, so that’s how it came to be,” Stillman said.

According to adviser Annamarie Wilfahrt, intersectional feminism is about helping everyone find how to express their opinions.

“It’s really empowering lots of different voices and supporting lots of different voices,” Wilfahrt said.

Stillman said it is vital for Intersectional Feminism Club to approach feminism with an inclusive mindset to prevent intolerance within the club.

“It’s important for Feminism Club to accept everyone because feminism is for everyone and to me it would be wrong to lead a club of feminism that is so narrow-minded,” Stillman said.

Wilfahrt said the club hopes to broaden the discussion surrounding feminism to comprise of more groups of people, as it typically only involves a white perspective.

“When we do talk about feminism, it is so focused on how it is affecting the white females when you’ve got lots of different other factors — race, cultures — that need to be included in there,” Wilfahrt said.

Feller said she hopes more students will be compelled to participate in and learn about Intersectional Feminism Club because of the more comprehensive name.

“Hopefully, it’ll get more people to join Feminism Club and learn what feminism is and what intersectionality means,” Feller said.

According to Stillman, she anticipates more students attending meetings since the club changed its name specifically to encompass and welcome many types of students in club activities.

“I would like to see more types of students involved in Feminism Club because we’ve now made a point of expanding it to be Intersectional Feminism, I hope that all students feel welcome to come,” Stillman said.

According to Feller, there are countless types of women, and Intersectional Feminism Club should not advance only one group’s prosperity.

“There isn’t just one type of woman, so we shouldn’t have a club that is just trying to improve the wellbeing of just one type of woman,” Feller said.

Intersectional Feminism Club’s next meeting is 8 a.m. Oct. 25 in room B320.