Stage manager for ‘9 to 5 the Musical’ works towards success

Nietzsche Deuel helps prepare cast, crew for big performance


Emily Ziessman

Senior Nietzsche Deuel feeds lines to actors during theater rehearsal Oct. 24. Deuel is the active stage manager for '9 to 5 the Musical.'

Sofia Seewald and Maggie Klaers

Senior Nietzsche Deuel said she has enjoyed working with both the cast and crew for ‘9 to 5 the Musical’ and previous theater productions as the stage manager.

“I get to work with all the parts of theater, because usually cast works with cast and crew works with crew, but as stage manager I get to work with both cast and crew and they’re both pretty different groups of people and I like bringing the groups together,” Deuel said.

Theater director Jodi Hatzenbeller said the stage manager is held accountable for certain tasks during rehearsals and performances.

“Nietzsche is responsible for attending rehearsals and taking very detailed notes about blocking and any sort of prop or set piece management that needs to be done, etc,” Hatzenbeller said. “Then when the show starts to be up on its feet fully, she is backstage managing everything — actor entrances, moving things on stage, all of the transitional pieces.”

Cast member for ‘9 to 5 the Musical’ and prior assistant stage manager, senior KJ Preston Pepperell, said Deuel arranges the set, costumes and props backstage.

“She makes sure everything backstage is organized, including the costumes and props and also all the big set pieces, and if we’re not sure which people are doing which transitions, she has all those written out for us,” Preston Pepperell said.

Deuel said working as the stage manager has given her stronger leadership skills and has made her more responsible.

“Being a stage manager has taught me a lot about leadership and it’s taught me how to be responsible and get people to listen to me,” Deuel said. “It has also just taught me to be a better person in general. I’m a lot more responsible and it has been a really fun experience getting to work with everybody and getting to know everybody.”

According to Preston Pepperell, Deuel’s devotion to the theater program has earned her the respect of the cast and crew.

“Nietzsche has been at every single rehearsal for every single show since her sophomore year,” Preston Pepperell said. “She’s one of the most dedicated people to theater I have ever met and she works really hard for her job, and makes sure people know that she works hard and as far as I can tell, everyone really respects her.”

Hatzenbeller said Deuel has always been a well-rounded and effective stage manager.

“She’s amazingly organized, she’s firm and forceful, yet very likable with the cast and crew, and we need that in a stage manager so that they work hard for you, but also listen to what you have to say when push comes to shove,” Hatzenbeller said.