Roots and Shoots plans solar event

SLP SEEDS collaborates with school club


Noah Orloff

Junior Patrick Djerf hands senior Roots and Shoots president Katie Christiansen a flyer regarding various upcoming SLP SEEDS opportunities during a meeting Feb. 22. SLP SEEDS and Roots and Shoots will help out with a solar event for Earth Day April 24.

Noah Orloff, Emma Leff, and Marta Hill

After visiting local businesses to encourage them to sign the Climate Action Plan business pledge, Roots and Shoots plans to expand their community outreach through a student-led initiative regarding solar energy, according to Roots and Shoots leader senior Katie Christiansen.

“Roots and Shoots is working on a solar project with iMatter, Solar United Neighbors and the Great Plains Institute,” Christiansen said. “They are hosting training sessions for students, and then we’re going to go door knocking to teach the community about their solar options and that’s going to kind of culminate in (a) solar info session.”

Senior Roots and Shoots member Nechama Buchbinder said SLP SEEDS operations director Ariel Steinman spoke to the club Feb. 22 in order to notify students about different ways they can also get involved in SLP SEEDS, but also to discuss the work that they will be doing together for Earth Day.

“(Steinman) was talking about some different programs that Park students can join where you can learn about cooking and a lot of different things to help the environment and some sessions you can go to,” Buchbinder said. “It sounded like a really cool opportunity.”

The two groups will collaborate on an Earth Day event, which will include a free community meal for those who register, followed by a solar energy informational meeting, according to Steinman.

Although solar panels are the typical source of renewable energy, Christiansen said they will discuss alternative options at the informational meeting April 24.

“We will be able to talk about all the different options for implementing renewables into your households whether that be literally putting solar panels on your roof or signing up for programs with Xcel (Energy) or Leasing Solar,” Christiansen said.

Christiansen said she hopes the event will help address the availability of renewable resources in the St. Louis Park community.

“There are a lot of accessibility issues related to renewable energy and to climate action — whether that climate action be social and large scale or personal,” Christiansen said. “I think it is one of those things that transcends that boundary a little bit because (some of) the people that come to that community meal are typically (from) some of the poorer communities in St. Louis Park.”

Steinman said she enjoys collaborating with Roots and Shoots and seeing the dedication the members have for the environment.

“I was actually in an environmental club when I was in high school, and I think that the kids who are in Roots and Shoots are really motivated and really incredible. I like going and talking to them and seeing what they are up to,” Steinman said. “I think environmental clubs are really important because its one of the passions that a lot of students have.”