Orchestra prepares for biggest fundraising concert

Director looks forward to first orchestra rock concert


Abigail Prestholdt

Freshman Renee McSherry is playing the cello during her fourth hour orchestra class. The SLP High School Orchestra is having their rock concert at 7 p.m. Mar.14 .in the high school auditorium.

Samantha Klepfer

Orchestra director Kou Lee said the rock concert provides a unique opportunity for the orchestra members to get a professional experience.  

“It’s a huge fundraiser, and we only do this twice a year for our tours. On those tours, students get the opportunity not only to perform, but they get to work with professional musicians and a professional conductor,” Lee said.

According to Lee, he is excited for this concert because it is a very unique performance for students.

“Getting the opportunity to play with a local rock band is something really fun, and it’s something that’s different from our normal routines. I think that really increases the student’s spirit. I haven’t seen a school where orchestra gets a rock band to come in and play with the students,” Lee said.

Sophomore violist Esther Putzier said she enjoys different music because it’s a change of pace.

“It’s fun to play rock music,” Putzier said. “It’s my first time playing this concert, but it’s a lot of my friends’ favorite concert.”

Sophomore violist Emily Turnquist said the addition of another band adds to the anticipation of the concert.

“It’s fun to get to play non-classical music or different genres, and we have a live band which is really cool,” Turnquist said.

Lee said he is confident in the music they are playing and continues to reassure his students when they are struggling.

“I tell them not to worry because they worry a lot. So I tell them, ‘Hey don’t worry about it. It will be OK,” Lee said.

Putzier said the orchestra will play a variety of songs which are more well-known than their usual repertoire.

“(We’re playing) ‘I Want to Be Like You’ from ‘The Jungle Book,’ ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ Best of Abba and other things like that,” Putzier said.

According to Turnquist, the orchestra prepares for this concert by focusing on the individual songs.

“We practice different songs for a certain number of days. It’s kind of like workshopping it, so like working out different songs and then moving on to the next one,” Turnquist said.

Lee said he is looking forward to being able to give his students such a unique experience.

“(I am excited for) playing, performing (and) putting the kids with the band. I think they’re really going to enjoy that and that makes me really excited,” Lee said.

According to Lee, the orchestra concert will be at 7 p.m. Mar. 14 in the Auditorium.