Birdfeeder offers spring break meal options

Food packs provide relief for students


Emily Ziessman

Juniors Victoria Martinez and Mushtakh Mohammad pack bags March 7, for students in need of food. The Birdfeeder is accepting applications for students who rely on school breakfast and lunch and won’t have access to food during spring break.

Spring break can be a time of food uncertainty for students who depend on school-supplied meals, according to Birdfeeder student manager, junior Mushtakh Mohammed.

“During the week students have school lunch and school breakfast, which is really nice,” Mohammed said. “But then when spring break comes along I think a lot of people don’t know what they are going to when they don’t have lunch at home.”

Junior Victoria Martinez, store manager, said the Birdfeeder will be providing prepackaged meal options for students who submit an application.

“Students can apply for the meal pack on these request forms that are going to be specifically for the spring break meal pack, and it’s going to be next to the regular request forms in the counseling office,” Martinez said.

According to Martinez, students who apply will be asked questions regarding any special considerations and how many members of their family they will need to feed.

“The request form has questions about allergies and any specific needs or special requests of food they might want in their meal pack,” Martinez said. “They also need to tell us how many people they are feeding in their family and how many bags they are able to carry.”

Mohammed said these particular packs are unique in that more food is provided.

“It’s special because we provide more food than we usually do in our weekly packs, and we add food that we don’t usually pack. like flour and chicken and stuff like that, just in case the person wants to cook at home.”

According to Martinez, students are encouraged to get involved and donate both food and reusable bags.

“Other students can get involved by donating non-perishable food to the food shelf,” Martinez said. “We are also starting to integrate a reusable bag system, and we would be really grateful if people can donate some reusable bags that student can use to carry their food back home.”

According to Birdfeeder adviser Sophia Ross, applications for the meal packs are due March 20 and can be found in the counseling office.