Softball finds its strengths and weaknesses

Tryouts show hopeful chemistry for a winning season


Claire Bargman

Senior Maddy Schmitz pitches the ball to a teammate during softball tryouts March 13. The teams’ first game will be 4:30 p.m. April 9 at New Hope Learning Center against Robbinsdale Cooper.

Claire Bargman

According to softball coach Bobby Crumpton, both the new and experienced players have great skill, and he’s optimistic about the teams future.

“Our younger classes are just amazing, amazing talent. I have a great senior class too, and I’m trying to really get the young girls ready to play,” Crumpton said.

Crumpton said he’s planning to use the teams’ powerful dynamic to benefit it this season.

“Last year we didn’t have enough chemistry to win big. This team already has more chemistry, so we are going to try to win based upon that chemistry,” Crumpton said.

Sophomore Marissa Boettcher said the season will be different after previous players graduated, but she is positive the team will make up for the change with strong work ethic.

“It will be interesting to see because we lost our starting pitcher from last year. I don’t think that will make a huge difference because people will step up and play their hardest,” Boettcher said.

Junior Kiyla Ganske said the most promising part of tryouts was that the girls’ relationships supported a comfortable atmosphere with balanced playing opportunity.

“I’d say we’re comfortable with each other, so it was easier to get things done,” Ganske said. “I think the coaches really pushed everyone to do their best instead of just focusing on a main group of girls, so it was fair.”

Boettcher said a difficult part of tryouts was starting up again and persevering through different playing conditions.

“There wasn’t that much that was difficult. Getting back into the season and being in the gym is tough because obviously, it’s not the same as being outside on the fields,” Boettcher said. “Unfortunately, we won’t be able to be on the fields again until the snow is melted.”

Crumpton said he is hoping the team will win at least half of its games this season, otherwise known as a .500 season.

“We’ve been doing about .500 the last couple years, and I think we’ll be in that ballpark again,” Crumpton said.

The teams’ first game is against Robbinsdale Cooper at 4:30 p.m. April 9 at New Hope Learning Center.