Girls’ swim falls to Benilde

Loss helps prepare team for upcoming Sections


Emmy Pearson

Junior Grace Loveland competes in the 200 IM against Benilde-St. Margaret’s Oct. 22. Park lost to Benilde-St. Margaret’s 73-97.

Tamar Gewirtz

According to junior Grace Loveland, despite losing to Benilde St. Margaret’s 73-97, everyone on the team worked hard and beat previous times. 

“The highlight of this meet was everyone coming together and really trying their hardest,” Loveland said. “Even if their races went really well or really bad, everyone tried their hardest and it was evident.”

Senior and swim team captain Hattie Kugler agreed everyone put in their best effort, and said it was impressive to see everyone try their hardest. 

“Even though we didn’t win, we’re all still really proud of each other,” Kugler said. 

According to Loveland, she believes it is really helpful to have people cheering you on if you’re anxious.

“The team spirit helped a lot especially for swimmers who were really nervous before their races. Just a little boost of confidence always helps going into your race, when you’re a little nervous or on edge,” said Loveland.

Assistant Coach Joe Yaeger said he thought this meet was a good stepping stone in preparation for Sections.

“What I thought went well was every girl cheered for each other. The team really came together and swam as hard as they could,” Yaeger said.

Kugler said with sections coming up, this meet was good preparation and Sections will highlight everyone’s strengths.

“I think the goal is we want good swim (times) because a lot of girls have been really down on themselves (thinking) ‘oh I haven’t gotten the best time,’ but Sections is really the time where everyone shines so I think it will be a good time.” 

Loveland said everything they’ve been working on ultimately leads up to Sections.

“The team’s goals forSections are just to really take everything that we’ve been working on all season since August, put that all together and go out and swim our hardest and hopefully see some pretty cool time drops,” Loveland said.

Park will return to the pool Nov. 6 at Richfield Middle School, according to