Girls’ tennis falls to Benilde

Park works on gameday mentality


Grace Schultz

Sophomore Zoe Gutz reaches for the ball to hit back to her opponent. Gutz played a tough singles match but ultimately lost.

Grace Schultz

After losing 7-0 against Benilde-St. Margaret’s, the girls’ tennis team had numerous difficult matches and were unable to defeat the Red Knights.

Coach Greg Holmbeck said he is proud of the girls and how they have improved throughout the season, given they’ve played Benilde previously this year. 

“They played really well, considering we’ve played them three times,” Holmbeck said. “And it is great to see how much they’ve improved because we played them our first match.”

Senior Tamar Gewirtz said her individual play wasn’t her best performance. Her new injury made it difficult to play.

“I didn’t play well today compared to other matches, due to the recent injury that I have had with my arm,” Gewirtz said. 

Junior Nadia Mburu said she had a good match and was able to keep her opponent moving. 

“I played really well, my ball placement was really good, so I had my opponent on their toes,” Mburu said. 

For the upcoming games this season, Holmbeck said he plans to work with the team on movement and communication. 

“We are working on how important moving is and getting to the ball a lot,” Holmbeck said. “For doubles, communicating like where you are.”

I try to take a moment between switching sides, and I try to collect myself and play the best game I can.”

— Nadia Mburu

According to Gewirtz, playing tennis is a mental and physical game. She often psyches herself out by getting inside her head.

“I get really mad at myself during matches when I mess up,” Gewirtz said. “I try to use positive self talk to get myself out of that negative headspace.” 

According to Mburu, even when a match is going well, she still tries to clear her head to stay in the right mindset. 

“I try to take a moment between switching sides, and I try to collect myself and play the best game I can,” Mburu said. 

For the next match, the team will face Bloomington Jefferson, 5 pm, Sept. 17 at home.