Girls’ volleyball beats Kennedy a second time

Team prepares for next match against Benilde


Jane Pupeza

Senior Annie Holden hits the ball in the game against Bloomington Kennedy Nov. 5. Park won with a final set score of 3-0.

Colin Canaday and Harris Keekley

Once again beating Bloomington Kennedy in three sets Nov. 5, senior Anna Bauer said that a big focus of this match was the serve.

“Since the serve is the first part of the point, it really sets the tone for the entire rally,” Bauer said. “So when the serve is really aggressive, that really helps out.”

According to head coach Emily Minnick, another thing the team has been focusing on is its offense.

“We’ve been focusing a lot on attacking. Just making sure that we have more in our repertoire in terms of attacks, so having a lot more shots,” Minnick said.

Going into this match, having played Kennedy in the month prior helped the team better prepare, according to Bauer.

“We knew the team a little better because we had played them before,” Bauer said. “Playing all of the other teams in between (our last match with) them gave us a lot of practice.”

According to senior captain Raegan Alexander, playing on home court is preferable to Kennedy’s court.

“Our home court is obviously more familiar, and I personally don’t like playing at Kennedy because it’s really big, so it was better to play here,” Alexander said.

Although the team finds its home court more enjoyable to play on, Bauer said that they would have won regardless of location.

“(Playing on our home court) definitely helps because we practice here every day, but also we would have done equally as good on their court,” Bauer said.

Starting to practice for their next match against Benilde, Alexander said that the team is going to need to step up its game.

“We just have to pick it up,” Alexander said. “We have been playing some not as skilled teams and (Benilde) is definitely more skilled than the ones we have been playing, so we have to pick up our defense, but we’ll be good.”

Nonetheless, Alexander said that the team is going to stick with what has been working so far.

“We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing because it’s working,” Alexander said.

The next girls’ volleyball game is at 12 p.m. Nov. 7 against Benilde-St. Margaret’s at home.