Boys’ hockey loses to Forest Lake during bridge season

Team pushes forward with season despite COVID-19 setbacks


Anna Benishek

Sophomore Cole Taylor keeps the puck in position as he attempts to score a goal against Forest Lake. Park lost 5-3 against Forest Lake Nov. 10.

Emmy Pearson

Boys’ hockey lost its Nov. 10 preseason game 5-3 against Forest Lake. Senior Austin Amelse said although he is frustrated with the outcome of the game, he feels the team did well whilst being down a goalie and a few crucial players due to COVID-19 exposure.

“We played good considering the amount of players we had. We were missing like three or four key players on our team. So we’re really short,” Amelse said.

According to assistant coach Tim Donahue, the current bridge season brings opportunities to pull up underclassman players and allows for the team to make up lost time on the ice.

“We had a sophomore goaltender in there. It was his first time playing at this — what you consider maybe varsity level, which was really good,” Donahue said. “When they made this bridge season, it was an opportunity to get some more games that they lost out on.”

After his first high school level game, sophomore Miles Rider said playing with older teammates has added to his competitive-play experience. 

“Getting to play at a higher level than last year, and getting to play up with older kids that are better than me (is exciting),” Rider said.

Reflecting on the team’s performance throughout the game, Donahue intends to improve the teams’ turn-around abilities and intensify its physicality with other teams.

“We did a lot of circling instead of stops and goes. That was a big emphasis we talked about and then physical play. We got to get into doing some bumping, grinding and some physical play in small areas in practice. It’d be good for them,” Donahue said.

With the uncertainty of this year’s hockey season, Amelse expressed gratitude for having the opportunity to play as a senior.

“Playing every game, having the chance to get to do this, I’d say we’re pretty lucky. Just enjoying every moment because it went by really fast,” Amelse said.

Park’s next bridge season game is 7:15 p.m. Nov. 12 at the Rec Center against Osseo.