Boys’ Hockey loses second preseason game

Team struggles to connect, looks to improve

Anna Benishek

After boys’ hockey played a tough game against Osseo Nov. 12, the team felt it could have been more collective as a whole. Junior Ben Olson said he’s not proud of the outcome of the game but acknowledges what the team needs to practice for the next game.  

“(I’m) definitely not happy about it, but it’s something to build on and we’ll keep working at it,” Olson said. “We’ll just improve, and this is just for fun so we’re ready for the season so when it gets here.”

According to assistant coach Rob St. Claire, he was anxious about the game since he hasn’t coached this team before.  

“I was nervous because this was my first game, and I barely know these guys, but it was exciting,” St. Claire said.

Senior Jack Fredickson said the team had better control and movement of the puck throughout the second period of the game. 

“We were moving the puck well in the second period, really moving the goalie around and especially on the breakout we were able to get the puck out well in the second period,” Fredrickson said. 

Our offense of zone wasn’t too bad. The vision in the neutral zone was pretty good. We caught most of our passes but other than that it wasn’t great. We had a really sloppy D-Zone.”

— Ben Olson

Despite the team practicing prior to the game, Olson said it didn’t carry over into the game. However, he said if the team keeps working hard in practice it’ll be ready for the upcoming season.  

“We worked on our breakouts, which did not transfer over to the game because it was very sloppy today,” Olson said. “We worked on those 50/50 battles, which also did not transfer over to the game today. We’ll just keep working, and we’ll be ready for the season.”

St. Claire said the defense needs to improve its coverage of the ice, but it is difficult because the team hasn’t built chemistry together.  

“Defensive zone coverage because we were loose, and I don’t think these guys have played a lot together,” St. Claire said. “So I feel like we’re a bit out of position defensively.”  

Fredrickson believes the team needs to put in its individual effort and not give up goals so easily.  

“Everybody just needs to buy in,” Fredrickson said. “We got to have everybody working the whole game. We can’t let up in the first period and the third period.”

The next boys’ hockey game is at 7:15 p.m. Nov. 18 against Southwest Christian at home.