Bar Squared Soaps aims to assist people for the holiday

Student starts local business on Instagram


Lilly Strathman

Senior Claire Bargman delivers her soaps Dec. 5. Bargman hand packages the orders in an environmentally safe way.

Anna Benishek

Senior Claire Bargman began her small business, Bar Squared Soaps, which sells handmade soaps over an Instagram account (@barsquaredsoaps). She decided that 10% of the proceeds will go towards RIP Medical Debt. Since the beginning her business students and teachers have requested many orders to help her organization. Bargman said it was a sudden decision to start Bar Squared Soaps.

“It was kind of a spur of the moment. I was staying up late one night and I wanted to make soaps for my extended family,” Bargman said. “We always do a secret santa gift exchange but obviously we can’t do that this year. I wanted to make something special. I was also pondering on the idea of selling to close friends and I got really excited about it and it took off.”

According to senior Ivy Houts, she bought soap because she thinks selling soaps during the holiday season is a perfect idea and can help stop the spread of COVID-19.

“I’m one of her friends so I figured I would help support her business but also I really like soap and it’s a good idea during COVID-19 to wash your hands,” Houts said. “It’s donating for a good cause which feels good.”

Senior Grace Loveland said she discovered Bargman’s business through Instagram and wanted to help support a local business. 

“I saw it on Instagram and my mom asked me what I was looking at and she thought it was such a good idea,” Loveland said. “She wanted to get some for Christmas from a local business and it’s supporting a good cause.”

With everything going on this year Bargman said she wanted to give back to her community by donating.

“10% of all the money that somebody is paying goes to RIP Medical Debt. My sister told me about it and it’s a non-profit organization that they buy out the debt before other companies do so they can buy it before it’s more expensive,” Bargman said.

Houts said that RIP Medical Debt fits the financial situation many are in currently and believes it’s a good time to help people with their medical debt.  

“It’s really relevant to what’s going on right now and especially during the holiday season,” Houts said. “It’s really good to give back and help out.”

I really like them, it’s pretty good soap and it doesn’t really dry out your skin which is good. And they smell really nice.”

— Ivy Houts

According to Loveland, the soaps are aiding a wholesome organization while giving off a pleasant fragrance.

“They smell nice and they’re cute. They’re supporting a good cause so there’s nothing bad,” Loveland said.