Boys’ basketball loses to Jefferson

Final score 54-50, closest game yet


Henry Harper

Senior Paris Johnson shoots a free throw after getting fouled in the game Jan. 19. Park lost to Jefferson 54-50 after a close game.

Henry Harper

As the basketball season continues, the boys’ basketball team attempted to get its first win of the season against Bloomington Jefferson. Senior Tyshawn Lyons said the team felt too comfortable going into the second half.

“We gained a really good lead going into halftime and I feel like we got too comfortable with it. We need to get better at keeping our momentum once we get in the groove,” Lyons said.

According to junior Ayub Mohamed, the first half was its best basketball all season. The team played together, communicated and executed its plays as planned.

“In the first half, the team was feeling themselves. We were finally gaining the momentum we needed to pull off the win,” Mohamed said.

Coach Rob Griffin said the team looked good at first but still needs to work on communication and other team attributes but it is starting to come together.

“I liked our performance today, it was our best one yet. Even though we lost it felt like we’re actually competing now. We still can improve all around but our chemistry needs the most work,” Griffin said.

Lyons said after halftime something changed in the team’s head and the team got way too ahead of itself. 

“I don’t know why we let our lead get to our head, nine points can be made up in seconds and they showed us that,” Lyons said.

Our team is like a house, you need the base in order to make the foundation and you need the foundation in order to build the rest.

— Rob Griffin

According to Mohamed, the team needs to stay consistent and energized and in order to improve it needs a leader to bring the team together. He said the team seems to be forming a strong base but still needs to put some pieces together.

“We’ve been lacking in important situations. When other teams get on a roll, they keep it but, for some reason, we can’t. I think once we come together as a team more, we’ll succeed but a leader is needed in order for that to happen,” Mohamed said.

Griffin said the team lacks leaders and once a leader lays down the foundation the team builds upon it and starts winning more frequently.

Our team is like a house, you need the base in order to make the foundation and you need the foundation in order to build the rest. We need to work on everything in order for us to be complete, and even then there’s always improving,” Griffin said.

Park is set to play against Robbinsdale 7 p.m. Jan. 22 at Robbinsdale High School.