Boys’ basketball loses to Chaska

Final score of 69-54


Henry Harper

Senior Paris Johnson goes for a layup while being heavily contested in the game Jan. 26. Park lost to Chaska 69-54 in its best game yet.

Henry Harper

Going into the fifth game of the season, the team finally hosts its first home game. Junior Brady Walsh said the team is starting to improve greatly despite what the scoreboard says.

“Things are finally starting to come together. We’re working as one and we can all see it,” Walsh said.

According to senior Derric Standifer, having players create more positive energy on the bench helps the team play better.

“A big difference today was that everyone was hyped up and it made us play better. When the bench gets excited, so do we,” Standifer said.

Head coach David Breitenbucher said the game isn’t all about the players on the court. He elaborates explaining the team did much better today. 

“Today showed huge improvements in our teamwork, there’s zero reasons why we can’t beat those guys. It was the first step towards some big improvements we need to make. I’m not mad at how we did, though we still have a ways to go,” Breitenbucher said.

According to Walsh, the team has experienced massive growth and development. He also said the team had many chances to capitalize on basic shots like free throws, lay-ups and open shots.

“We lost a lot of points today on easy buckets, if we can make those every time we’ll be way more successful,” Walsh said.

Standifer said the team’s needs to improve on the defensive side of the court and more communication is necessary on defense.

Results will come with time as long as we keep working.”

— David Breitenbucher

“Even from the beginning of our season, our biggest issue was defense. Today was better but we need to talk more and make sure we keep our hands up,” Standifer said.

Breitenbucher said today was the best defense the team has had all season. He also said that it’s still very early on in the season and progress will come with time and hard work.

“It’s bad defense, it’s a missed free throw, it’s an unneeded foul, it’s a missed layup; it’ll all come with the work these guys put in. It’s early on in the season. don’t buy into the 0-5 bull crap. Results will come with time as long as we keep working,” Breitenbucher said.

Park is set to play Chanhassen 7 p.m. Jan. 29 at Chanhassen High School.