The calm before the score

Orioles take a squeaky clean 21-0 win

After ending the regular season with a 2-6 record, The Orioles headed into their first section game Oct. 25, with supportive students filling the bleachers decked out in Park’s colors. Squaring up against the Southwest Lakers, the Orioles came out with a 21-0 win. 

This victory allows the Orioles to continue to the second round of sections, where they will play Armstrong for a chance to advance to the state tournament.

According to senior Rocco Serrano, the game went according to plan.

“The game went swimmingly. So many people, including underclassmen, got to play,” Serrano said. “We were strong all over the whole game. There wasn’t anywhere we struggled. Offense, defense, special teams — everything was great.”

For sophomore Jeremy Eichten, sections put a lot on the line, as a loss marks the end of the season.

“I really don’t want to stop playing football right now, so we have to take it game by game, going 1-0 every single week,” Eichten said. 

If we win state, it’s whatever. I just want to play football.

— Rocco Serrano

Coach Trent Walsh said playing in sections is always a gamble due to the high stakes.

“It’s win or go home. You have to throw all your best cards out on the field,” Walsh said.

Serrano said that he thinks of sections as a chance to play more football, rather than go to state.

“It’s more time to play with my teammates, my brothers,” Serrano said. “If we win state, it’s whatever. I just want to play football.”

After round one of sections, Walsh said the team is ready to prepare for round two against Armstrong. 

“We have to watch film, get back into the weight room, back on the practice field and get ready for Armstrong,” Walsh said.

According to Eichten, it’s important to be optimistic about the game against Armstrong.

“Armstrong’s a better team. We’re up for it and our confidence is high,” Eichten said. “We definitely have the opportunity to win.”

Football’s next game is 3:30 p.m. Oct. 29 at Armstrong High School.