Girls’ hockey victorious against Hutchinson

Rocky start leads to 4-3 win


Crystal Diaz

Girls’ hockey players celebrate after scoring a goal. Hopkins-Park won against Hutchinson4-3 Nov. 12.

Rachel Arkis, Ashley Reyes, and John Hunter

Following a 4-3 win against Hutchinson, head coach Ryan St. Martin said that despite a rough start, the team managed to pull through.

“They persevered. We went down early in the first period, but we were able to come back in the second,” St. Martin said. “They took a lead late in the game in the third period and after it was tied up by the other team. We had a good overtime and they came through.”

Junior Camryn Witham said that an increase in positivity helped get the team’s energy up and recover from a difficult first period.

“We could have had a little bit more hype in the first period,” Witham said. “We weren’t all that positive, but then we really stepped it up in the second half.”

St. Martin said that although he is optimistic for future games, the team’s consistency could be improved.

“Today, they could’ve just been a little bit more consistent throughout the game, but that’ll come in time,” St. Martin said. “It’s still early in the season and I really like where we’re heading.”

According to freshman Gretchen Fandel-Thompson, staying focused and connecting with her teammates on and off the ice is important.

“This game I could’ve waited and taken more time to make sure I had the right shot and made sure that I had my head up,” Fandel-Thompson said. “I also need to be connecting with my teammates and talking to them on the bench.”

St. Martin said that since it is early in the season, continuity between players is something he wants to improve on.

“At this point in the season we’re just looking for continuity with everyone’s linemates and defense,” St. Martin said.

Park’s next game is against Moose Lake at 7:00 p.m. Nov. 15, Minnetonka Ice Arena.