Athletic department hosts Spring Athletic Education Night

Event offers education for middle, high school students


Malaika Bigirindavyi

St. Louis Park High School athletes in on a keynote speaker who talked about game day nutrition. The Spring Athletic Education Night offered information on NCAA, athletes mental health and game day nutrition.

Amaia Barajas and Alexis Machoka

As the spring season continues, athletic director Andy Ewald said students and families need more information about sports at the high school and beyond.

“Part of what (the athletic department wants) to do is provide education and resources,” Ewald said.

According to Ewald, the athletic department plans to host the Spring Athletic Education Night to help student athletes. The event will have information on the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), athlete mental health and game day nutrition.

Ewald said holding the Spring Athletic Education Night at Park required a lot of planning.

“(Planning) was trying to figure out a date that we didn’t have many spring sports going on at the time,” Ewald said. “Trying to find an open date, (also) trying to decide what speakers and topics we would have.”

Ewald said he hopes students will benefit from learning new information at the event.

“(Athletes can) gain more understanding and knowledge of those three areas, whether it’s game day nutrition, mental health or if they are interested in playing a sport in college,” Ewald said.

Senior Sophia Jacobson said she is grateful for the athletic department’s efforts, but wishes they would’ve made more announcements about the event.

“I appreciate that (the athletic department is) reaching out for more knowledge on sports and general health, they have good motives and it’s very important,” Jacobson said. “I only wish that they made teachers or intercom announcements to make it aware for all the students.”

According to Ewald, the event is open to anyone interested in attending.

“It’s really open to anybody and if someone is interested in any of (the) topics that we are going to have speakers on then they should come,” Ewald said.

According to Jacobson, Spring Athletic Education Night is an important event to attend for its informational opportunity.

“I think it’s important because it’s something that (the athletic department is) in charge of and we want to reach out to a bigger amount of possible players,” Jacobson said.

Sophomore Olivia Mosby said the event will bring more awareness to topics that are not usually addressed when athletes begin their sports.

“I think that it’s really good that (the athletic department is) bringing attention to important things like nutrition and mental health because they both play a big role in the lives of athletes,” Mosby said.

The Spring Athletic Department Night is 3:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m on Wed. April 26. The locations are in the main gym, the cafeteria and room C350.